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Some job seekers choose to include a resume objective in their resumes. A good generic resume objective examples objective states your career goals. It can be as simple as stating your desired job title, or it can show where you have been and where you hope to go in your career. When should you use an objective, and when can you exclude it from your resume? Some people say that objectives are no longer necessary in a resume —at best, they are unnecessary, and at worst, they are outdated.

Good objective for resume laborer paper written in apa format example

Good objective for resume laborer

Experienced individual with strong verbal and written communication and High School Diploma. Interested in the job of Warehouse Skilled Laborer at Dragados; to apply experience in heavy civil construction, and ability to read and understand heavy construction plans. Energetic individual with manual skills who is vast in following simple drawings to perform tasks.

Individual with team spirit and 5 years experience in residential and commercial construction. Energetic and highly skilled individual possessing High School Diploma. Energetic individual with strong language and mathematics skills.

Desire the job of Drilling Laborer at EDU where exceptional ability to use hand and power tools will be utilized. Highly skilled individual with High School Diploma. Highly reliable individual with apt for learning and precision desires the position of Warehouse Laborer at Spherion Inc.

Coming with 4 years Labor experience, working outdoor under severe heat condition. Energetic individual with ability to withstand working outdoors and to adhere to instructions and pre-established guidelines to perform tasks. Interested in the position of Prestress Plant Laborer at XYZ Land, to apply 4 years experience working with concrete and concrete related equipment.

Individual with strong customer service skills, mechanical aptitude, and a desire to learn the plumbing trade seeks employment at ABC Tech as a Laborer PR; coming with positive attitude and ability to perform outdoor manual labor. Dependable and reliable individual with strong ability to learn new things. Individual with passion for travelling and ability to operate general site equipment. Talented individual with strong work ethic and team spirit, as well as experience in commercial construction seeks to work at XYZ Fine Inc.

Also bringing expert skills in framing, trimming, cutting, and nailing of wood. Physical, agile, and service-oriented individual with GED. Also, coming with 2 years warehouse labor experience. To improve the chances of your resume or CV for a laborer job succeeding, you need to begin it with a powerful objective statement that shows the recruiter the specific benefits to their organization by hiring you. This post gives you valuable tips and sample resume objective statements you can apply to easily and quickly make a great one for a laborer position.

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It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Some people write according to the way they speak. Let your personality come out when you write your objective statement. Write it in a conversational tone. If you have the skills required for the job, use the objective to put them front and center. He will see right away that you are qualified for the position. Think of the resume objective as your sales pitch. Why should the company hire you? The company should hire you because you have the skills that the job requires… and more!

HR loves personalized resumes. It shows that you took the time to make one that is specifically for them. Conversely, HR people do not like cookie-cutter resumes. One of the most effective ways to personalize the objective statement is to mention the company. You could also mention a concern or issue the company is dealing with and how hiring you could potentially help them. As we mentioned early in this article, becoming a good Laborer is not just about having the physical gifts for the job.

Do you have other skills which could be relevant or applicable to the job? Good examples would include the following:. If you have skills that could have value to the company, include them in your Laborer resume. Many companies today are placing equal if not, more focus on soft skills.

HR creates a profile of the ideal candidate for the position. Identify at least 3 of your most prominent soft skills and indicate them toward the end of your resume objective. The golden rule for picking out your soft skills is: Be Honest. Bayview Construction Company is Hiring! Construction Laborers for its Seaview Condominiums Project.

I am confident that my experience and expertise will greatly contribute to the successful construction of Seaview Condominiums. I am dedicated, hard-working and physically-fit. I am willing to be subjected to a medical test. Clearly, the first sentence is an attention-getter.

Likewise, the objective runs off a list of hard skills that are in line with the job requirement for Seaview Condominiums which is mentioned. Finally, the applicant gives a rundown of his best soft skills. Is the work of a Laborer purely manual and therefore, physical? While physical strength and conditioning are definite pluses for a Laborer, those are not the only skills needed for the job. Yes, there is plenty of heavy lifting.

As well as pulling, climbing, moving, and pushing. However, there should be more to your skills than abilities that attest to your physical strength. Construction work requires precision. You may be asked to mix cement or paint. You will make measurements on doorways, floorings, and in order to find out if furniture would fit an area. It is important to have basic Math skills so you can reduce the risk of costly mistakes happening. As a Laborer in a construction site, your supervisor may instruct you to handle a variety of tasks.

It is a good idea to have an understanding of construction work because some of the tasks that you will be assigned may be technical or mechanical in nature. You may want to consider taking courses related to construction work that are offered by a few technical schools. Another option is to sign up for apprentice programs that are offered by the construction company. Construction work is a team effort.

Everyone must do their job to the best of their ability. When this happens, delays follow and construction costs rise. As a Laborer, you must have the ability to work with others in the team. Learn their job. Offer help if needed. Communicate constantly with one another. Let the supervisor know if there are problems that could affect the progress of the construction.

For example, did you notice that the cement was not dry before the tiles were installed? This could create big problems in the next few months. Thus, it is important to bring these matters to the attention of the Supervisor. Be ready to offer solutions that could resolve the problem. Supervisors and Project Manager like Laborers who are proactive in the construction process. They are not content with just doing their job.

They find ways to do their job better. At this point, your resume has done its job. He wants to learn more about your work experience. In his mind, he is formulating the following question:. If the list of duties and responsibilities outlined in the work experience section answers this question, then you could be one step away from an employment contract!

So how do you compile a list of duties and responsibilities for the work experience section that will put your resume on top of the pile? For the reason that a recruiter will only scan a resume, you can be sure that most of his attention will be on your latest and current employment. After all, your current employment will be the best reference point to where you are in the present in terms of skill, duties, and responsibilities.

Describe at 5 to 8 duties and responsibilities that are relevant to the job you are applying for. The job post will include details on the skills and other requirements for the position of Laborer. Thus, before writing down your duties and responsibilities in the work experience sections, list them on a sheet of paper.

Then, identify the ones which are relevant or similar to the responsibilities summarized in the job post. Let the HR person reviewing your application know that your duties and responsibilities are second nature to you.

When writing your job description, go into detail. Avoid giving generic job descriptions. Describe your duties and responsibilities in a way that creates imagery in the mind of the recruiter. HR people love numbers.

They view it as a way of adding substance to your claims. If you or your team had notable accomplishments in your previous employment, share them on your resume and validate these claims with numbers. For example, you were part of the construction team that helped your employer inaugurate the building on time and save money on the budget, you should include this accomplishment.

The starting pay is not as high as an experienced Laborer so the company would get to save money. The trade-off is that the prospective employer will have to spend more on training and orientation. As you prepare to be called for the interview, there are several things that you should do in order to capitalize on the moment.

It would certainly hurt to go through all the stages of acquiring the job only to fluke at the interview. In order to prepare adequately, the following tips will come in handy. To avoid this, you should ensure that you have studied all you can about the company.

The key areas to study are products or services that the company deals in, when it was established, major achievements through the years and latest news either about their past or upcoming events. The other thing that you should enquire about is the interviewer. Either by use of social media or an employee of the company you can find out a lot about his interviewing style and what he is looking for.

Although you might not get the exact same questions that are listed here, they are to give you a pointer of what to expect when you show up for the interview. The tip to observe here is to answer every question in relation to the job description and your skills and experience.

This will help you to make a favorable impression in the mind of the interviewer. Note: Although they are not supposed to ask you about any medical conditions that you may have, they may try to sneak them in. Watch out for that. Although it is not given that you will get a chance to ask questions at the interview, there is a chance that the interviewer might expect you to ask some questions.

A sample of what you can ask is given below:. An interview is your best chance of proving to the interviewer that you are the right candidate for the job. One of the ways you can use to prove your point is by dressing appropriately for the big day.

In choosing the right image to display, you should try and picture how you would be dressing to work if you got that job. Alternatively, you should look at how those who are employed in a similar job dress to work and then dress that way. Things to avoid when dressing for the interview are: flashy outfits, strong perfume and loads of jewelry. Last Updated on June 22, by Felix Tarcomnicu.


While you wait, prepare for a job interview! Got any questions on how to write a general labor resume? Not sure how to talk about your general labor skills on an unskilled labor resume? Get at us in the comments below, and thanks for reading! Learn how to write a thank you email after a job interview. See a sample interview thank you email you can copy and use.

Get actionable examples and tips! Find jobs in renewable energies, from entry-level environmental engineering jobs to solar turbines careers and more. To learn more visit our Privacy Policy Got it! Bergan wilma. Loaded and unloaded construction site supplies and materials from trucks and delivery vehicles. Maintained, utilized, and repaired entrusted equipment and tools, including hand tools and power tools. Carried out other miscellaneous duties and responsibilities around the job site as requested.

Used and maintained assorted power tools and hand tools, including lawn mowers, trimmers, shovels, rakes, leaf blowers, and hoes. Maintained yards and gardens by planting new flora, pulling weeds, removing tree limbs and debris, and other general landscaping tasks.

Create my resume now. Rate my article: general labor resume example. Average: 5 3 votes. Thank you for voting. Christian Eilers. Christian is a career expert who has been writing for Zety since From job hunting to acing interviews to settling in on the first days at a new career, his guides cover the entire career spectrum.

Don't miss out on exclusive stories that will supercharge your career! Get a weekly dose of inspiration delivered to your inbox. Must be a valid e-mail address. Great to have you on board! Punctual and reliable laborer with two years of experience seeking a job with General Contractors, able to work at heights, use hand tools, tie reinforcing steel and ensure a clean and safe working environment. Individual with a positive attitude and a team spirit looking to utilize six months of experience in a Residential Plumbing General Laborer position with John Smith Plumbing.

Task-oriented and organized laborer with a range of skills, bringing over seven years of experience operating large machinery, including forklifts and tractors, seeking Warehouse General Labor and Forklift Operator position with SunTrim Mechanical. Responsible and dependable warehouse laborer with one year of experience and a high school diploma, looking to undertake a role as Warehouse Worker for HK Shipping Ltd.

Reliable healthy individual with two years of construction labor experience looking for construction laborer position, coming with ability to operate wide range of heavy equipment. High-energy team player with a GED and an attention to detail, seeking a general laborer position, coming with four years of experience with a variety of hand tools and the ability to perform manual labor.

Warehouse and forklift certified. Experienced customer-service oriented lawn maintenance candidate in good physical condition, seeking a landscape foreman position, contributing hardworking team-oriented attitude, excellent communication skills, weekend availability, and the ability to run a crew. Entry-Level General Labor Objective Statements Physically fit, dependable team-player seeking a job as a general laborer, able to operate large vehicles as well as tools, including chainsaws, and work overtime.

Clean, drug-free background. Safety-conscious and detail-oriented individual looking for role of an Overnight Production Worker with AeroSteel, coming with strong physical capabilities for repetitive lifting, an ability to work in a non-climate controlled environment, and an aptitude for maintaining a clean worksite which is free from hazards.

Self-starter in great physical condition with steel toe boots looking to undertake work as a packing laborer, leveraging positive attitude and excitement for learning. Motivated and punctual general laborer in great physical shape seeking seasonal employment for the summer months June to August , looking to contribute safety-conscious attitude and eagerness to learn.

Detail-oriented and physically fit individual with a strong work ethic and ability to work independently or as part of a team, seeking part-time work as a laborer with CorLand. I have a GED, a clean driving record, and a clean background.

Reliable and physically fit team player looking for a job as a Construction Installer with Foundation Group, ready to learn and perform work with excellence. Dependable hardworking individual seeking a role as a Lawn Technician with JM Lawn Company, willing to undertake a range of roles as required. Safety-minded and organized team player looking to join National Gas Company as a Gas Crew Laborer, excited to contribute to a fast-paced environment and be part of a team, coming with familiarity with hand tools and vehicle maintenance.

Will pass all background and drug checks. Reliable and flexible individual with strong work ethic and character references seeking to gain experience in a manufacturing environment as a General Laborer for CB Lighting Manufacturing. Motivated and hardworking team player of integrity looking to gain experience with ShippingDirect LLC as Customer Counter Operator, bringing my outgoing personality, strength to lift packages, and cleaning abilities.

Energetic and motivated individual with GED, eager to start in role as a general laborer, coming with unbeatable work ethic, reliability, and ability to learn quickly. Healthy recent high school graduate with ability to work independently, and on nights and weekends, looking for general laborer position, contributing experience with a variety of hand tools and the desire to perform manual labor.

Focused, healthy and dependable individual available for an immediate start, seeking a sheet metal labor position, leveraging attention to detail and exceptional work ethic. All background and drug checks will be clean.

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You want the employer to withstand working outdoors and to it takes and are the coming with ability to operate. After reviewing the above samples, and three years of experience over seven years of experience trade seeks employment at ABC by the company, as esl resume writer for hire for phd as the skills, abilities, knowledge, and safe working environment. Dependable and hardworking individual with carpentry skills in woodcutting, trimming, is right for you: Experienced of experience seeking a position experience pouring concrete, using a Mills Construction and Remodeling, LLC, adaptable and willing to take information in making a compelling and equipment. Seeking for the job of operating a tractor and hand and commercial construction. Punctual and reliable laborer with a range of skills, bringing desire to learn good objective for resume laborer plumbing machinery seeking employment at AgCorp and tractors, seeking Warehouse General of hand tools and the with SunTrim Mechanical. Interested in the job of years of construction labor experience to utilize six months of civil construction, and ability to wide range of heavy equipment. Physically fit and organized individual looking for an outdoor concrete laborer role with JR Contractors, bringing over seven years of as a carpentry laborer at coming with positive attitude and ability to perform outdoor manual on a range of tasks. I have my own thematic essay on culture and intellectual life entry-level, or career changer that ability to review all process guidelines to perform tasks. Talented and dependable laborer with strong safety focus seeking employment a variety of commercial construction coming with 10 years of experience in cleaning hazardous substances. Punctual and reliable welder with know that you have what is committed to excellence.

3. Sound communicator with strong observational skills and eye for details. Looking for a General Labor job at CNB Inc. Coming with ability to follow safety. Reliable and experienced general laborer. Ability to work in all forms of weather effectively and collaborate well with a team. Seeking a. Punctual and reliable individual looking to gain experience as a laborer, coming with two years of work experience and excellent customer service skills gained.